Best Delivery LLC was founded in 1997 by John Vlasic. John grew up in the delivery industry working for his mother’s company, Best Express INC. When Best Express INC. was sold in 1996, John found himself jobless and unsure of his future. At 25, with no college degree, John simply decided to take his future into his own hands. He opened A.B.D.S. America’s Best Delivery System, a full service Messenger and Courier Company. John had just recently married and bought his first home. He used a spare bedroom as his office and within in 1 year he moved the operation into its first true 800sf office located in Cucamonga, Ca.

After 3 years, he moved the company to a larger (5000 sf) building and controlled the majority of all Bank and Hospital courier contracts in San Bernardino County. The placement of the office was less than 3 miles from Ontario International Airport and drivers could reach downtown LA within 30 minutes. The need to diversify was apparent, and the company opened a LTL expedited freight division and started operating large equipment.

In 2003 the company became an LLC and the name was shortened to “Best Delivery LLC”. Best also moved into our current location in Rancho Cucamonga, with over 50,000 square feet of warehouse, with full supply chain management, as well as complete warehouse services.

The growth of Best Delivery LLC has continued to expand now servicing the western 11 states on a expedited basis, with daily services in Arizona, Las Vegas, and Northern Ca. Best Delivery LLC currently routes to all of Southern California everyday. With an array of services in all areas of transportation, Best Delivery LLC has position themselves as the leader in expedited freight as well as courier and messenger.

Mr Vlasic currently resides in Cucamonga Ca with his wife of over 10 years and 3 daughters. He is currently President and CEO of Best Delivery LLC and works everyday on site. He has always been a strong supporter of young entrepreneurs and small start up business. Mr Vlasic has received numerous service awards as well as appreciation citations for his community services.

Mr Vlasic can be reached at