Dateline :04/05/2011  Yesterday our driver told us about his Same Day Delivery to Las Vegas he had a special item  for the the aquarium at  the Silverton Casino. This may be  the oddest family attraction in Sin City, the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, is employing mermaids to swim in its 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium of tropical fish.

The casino’s Mermaid Lounge, an adults-only bar, has a big window that looks into the aquarium. But an even bigger window is on the other side, in a public space outside the casino and just down a hall from the Bass Pro Shop.  It’s proven to be a popular spot with families, and the casino has obliged by scheduling daily feeding shows and mermaid visiting hours several days a week.


The mermaids move gracefully under water, interacting with the 4,000 fish, even stingrays, and three species of sharks. The  mermaids perform a synchronized swimming show With individual mermaids hanging out at the family window four days a week, during three shifts spaced with rest breaks. Kids get the chance to give high-fives through the glass or blow kisses or play peekaboo; adults can admire the mermaid’s underwater back flips or ability to spin in a cocoon of bubbles. The underwater ladies have been such a hit that Silverton may expand the aquarium’s repertoire. An appearance by subaqueous Santa and his elves proved popular over the holidays


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